Friday, August 22, 2008

Save Waterside?

TCSSC is asking people to help save Waterside park. Is this the place where they had the green felt field? Did they ever change that crap? Well if they have, I say save it, if they have not I say let it f'in burn.

Sign this if you are super bored

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The blog for those who play with TCSSC

I am sure we have all said, while we fork over our hard earned cash, "TCSSC sucks". Well now we all have a place to speak out. This blog will be used to rate and discuss some of the better and terrible fields we have to play on, the teams cause sometimes spirit points can't tell a story, TCSSC as a governing body and future suggestions for TCSSC.

Please use the post options on the right. We will make sure the main bosy tells all the best stories from posts and hands on experiences.

This blog has no connection to TCSSC what so ever, we have just been screwed over one too many times.



Thursday, August 21, 2008

Teams - Behind the "Spirit" Points

Yo Sporty's

Here is where you get a chance to give the real dirt on a team, positive or negative. Spirit points, team ratings, imput etc, can be handed out here and there, but the reality is, more info is needed and TCSSC does not make that happen. Make sure you tell us the team name, what you think of them, and what caused this post.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Worst Fields

If you have played at Goose Poo Park or the back of Donsview you know TCSSC loves to stick us on the ankle breaking-est fields. Help out your fellow tcssc players by telling them the worst parks and what you can do to be prepared. At the end of the year we can rank the worst and hopefully get them changed.

Remember when De La Salle was a field we could use. But clearly someone (tcssc) pissed that one away.

Sport Suggestions

Want TCSSC to add a sport? Let them know which one and why. They want to make more cash, and adding sports is really the best way.